Wellsford Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade

We are upgrading the wastewater treatment plant that serves the Wellsford and Te Hana communities.

What’s happening?

This project will significantly improve the quality of the effluent that is discharged into a tributary of the Hoteo River, as well as cater for anticipated population growth.

Auckland Council granted resource consent to Watercare on 27 November 2017 to expand the plant and discharge treated wastewater to a tributary of the Hoteo River. The new, higher-quality discharge requirements take effect in 2022. However, an interim improvement by bypassing the existing natural wetlands will be made early in 2018.

Improving the quality of the discharge requires new infrastructure and technology at the existing treatment plant. This includes permanent ultra-filtration membranes and the installation of a new UV disinfection plant.

The consent also allows for a trial of advanced wetland treatment – a low-energy and low-cost treatment technique using manmade wetlands. This particular technology hasn’t been used before in New Zealand.
Construction on a pilot-scale model of the advanced wetland system will begin next year. We have allowed two years for the trial, after which, if the advanced wetland system works as we expect it to, construction will begin on the full-size manmade wetlands.

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What are the benefits?

  • Advanced technology will produce very high-quality treated wastewater. It is expected to improve the quality of the tributary we discharge to.
  • The plant upgrade caters for projected population growth in the Wellsford area for the next 35 years.
  • If the advanced wetland technology works as we expect it will, it could be used by other rural communities in need of a low-cost, high-quality treatment system.

Any questions?

Please contact wastewater planning manager Andre Stuart:
Call: 09 539 7910
Email: [email protected]

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