Control of work system

Control of work system

As a Watercare contractor, it’s essential that you and your staff work safely on our sites and assets at all times. If you need to work on one of our sites, you will need to provide a work pack detailing the scope of your work, the hazards and risks involved and the planned controls to ensure that the work will be undertaken safely.

Permit to work process and forms updated and implemented 1 July 2019

Work pack requirements

Our control of work system is made up of three critical risk-management processes which support effective work planning and safe execution.  These processes make up the components of your work pack.

  • Risk assessment
  • Permit to work
  • Isolation of energy sources

As the person in charge of the work, you are responsible for developing the work pack and returning it to your Watercare representative. Refer: Control of work - user manual


  1. Scope the work and fill in the job safety analysis form (JSA)
  2. Attach relevant work permits
  3. Include any supporting documents
  4. Return the work pack to your Watercare representative
Instruction Documents and forms
All work undertaken on a Watercare operational site or asset must have a risk assessment.  

Note: Contractors may insert their own job safety analysis template into section 6 of the Watercare JSA template, provided it contains a similar risk assessment framework as the Watercare version.
Risk assessment
Depending on the work activity, you may also require a work permit.  

Use the Permit to Work decision trees in the job safety analysis – user guide to determine if your work requires a permit.
Permit to Work

All isolation of our assets must be planned with your Watercare representative.  

Only personnel who have been trained and are competent in the isolation process can lock out operational equipment.

Contractors must verify that all hazardous energy has been isolated prior to commencing work.
To request an isolation, fill in the request selection of the Isolation Certificate and give to your Watercare representative.
Our control of work system provides the tools and framework for how we manage and authorise work.  It’s our way of making sure all safety precautions are in place before work starts Control of work – work flow
Control of work - user manual
We follow WorkSafe guidelines and codes of practice as our minimum risk controls. All employees including contractors must adhere to these requirements. Key requirements have been developed for risks that have specific organisational requirements, tools or processes. Where there is a risk of serious or fatal inury or illness, we describe these hazards as significant and the risks as critical.