Māngere Pump Station

Expected construction: August 2019-2024

Māngere Wastewater Treatment Plant, Māngere, Auckland 2022 (access via Island Road or 75 Greenwood Road)
Expected construction start date: 19 August 2019
Expected construction finish date: 2024
Status: Construction

We are currently working to complete the diaphragm wall construction at the Māngere pump station construction site. We're also working along the Watercare Coastal Walkway constructing the pipeline that will connect the new pump station to the Māngere Wastewater Treatment Plant network. For public safety, in late 2020 the coastal walkway will be narrowed to 1.5m. This will include two full closures (three weeks each) in June and July 2020. Signage advising of alternate routes will be placed along the walkway during the closures.

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Coastal Walkway - current closure

The section of the walkway in front of the Māngere Wastewater Treatment Plant is currently closed for installation of a pipeline for our Central Interceptor wastewater tunnel. Installation of the pipeline within the coastal walkway is due for completion mid-2021. Once complete, our contractor will commence construction of a haul road to transport spoil from the Central Interceptor tunnel at Māngere to Puketutu Island. Before reopening this section of the walkway, we need to construct a divided barrier along this haul route to protect users from construction trucks. Following the formation of the haul road, we will install a concrete barrier and fence to create a separate path along the shoreline. This path will be about 3m wide, narrowing to 2m in some places. We anticipate reopening this section of the walkway to the public later this year, in time for summer.

Look out for signage of an alternative walking/cycle route and continue to enjoy the rest of the coastal walkway and all it has to offer.
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