Change of commercial lease - bills remain in owner's name

Important information
For property owners to complete.

Please complete this form if you  require that the account remain in your name with C/- The Tenant on the invoices.

If you require the bills to be mailed to the lessee, who can use them as GST invoices - please complete this form.

You do not need to fill in this form if you would like to have the bills sent only to you, so you can forward them to the lessee to be paid, or pay them yourself and seek reimbursement.

1. Property location and account details

If more than one meter, please seperate using ;

2. Property owner - contact details

3. New lessee - contact details

Move in date*:

4. Preferred contact methods

How would you like your lessee to receive the correspondence and bills*:

5. Terms and conditions

Change of lease account – property owner authorisation to invoice their lessee – commercial customers only

  1. Watercare may complete a credit check on me and my lessee. This includes a payment history check of any previous accounts held by me with Watercare.
  2. If Watercare agrees to transfer the bills into the lessee’s name, Watercare’s customer terms still apply to me and I am jointly and severally liable with the lessee for paying all charges for water and wastewater in accordance with Watercare’s customer terms.
  3. In the event that the lessee does not make any payment required by Watercare, Watercare may transfer the account back into my name.
  4. If the account is transferred back into my name, Watercare is entitled to recover from me all charges for water and wastewater that were incurred during the period that the account was not in my name. It is also entitled to recover any administration charges and costs incurred relating to the non-payment, including, without limitation, any legal costs.
  5. I must inform Watercare of any changes of ownership, allowing 15 days for it to action this. I understand that I am liable to Watercare for all charges and costs incurred before the change of ownership is processed by Watercare.
  6. When the lease term expires, it is my responsibility to inform Watercare of this and what action is required.
  7. I can request information about the account at any time, in accordance with Watercare’s policies.
  8. I understand that this arrangement requires the lessee to sign the arrangement conditions for the account setup section on the reverse of the direct debit form, if option 1 is chosen as part of this process.

6. Property owner signator or an authorised signatory

Please tick an option*:

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