Change of commercial wastewater charges

Apply to change your wastewater charges due to special circumstances

Important information
You can change a meter’s wastewater pricing plan or industry type in June without special consideration. Fill in this form to have a change of pricing plan or industry type considered in a month other than June, due to special circumstances.

No credit applicable for back charges prior to receiving application.

1. Property details

2. Property owner's details

Details of the person responsible for paying the ongoing water and wastewater charges. Please do not give the tenant's details.

Note: Bills will be mailed monthly.
Note: If the property is soon to be sold or leased, we still need the present owner's name. They must inform us when the ownership changes.

3.Applicants details

Same as legal owner go to section 4 >

Optional image upload (100 Mb limit) JPG, PNG & PDF files are accepted. We cannot accept .jfif files from mobile phones.
Note: Bills will be mailed monthly.

4. Request details

5. Reason for request

Please explain why you are requesting this change.

6. Change industry type

7. Change wastewater pricing plan


Provide in litres
Click here to view the latest wastewater charges for current plan charges and qualifiers.
*Commercial customers who do not have a metered water supply but are connected to the wastewater network will typically pay the notional fixed charge. This charge may be adjusted to better reflect actual discharge volumes.

8. Authorisation

Please check that you have included all the information we need for your application. We will assess it and contact you within 10 working days.

Privacy - We may use this information to process your application, update our records or help improve our services. We will not disclose it unless required by law. You have the right to access your information, and you can ask us to correct any errors.
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