As a lifeline service, we will continue to provide safe drinking water and efficient wastewater services throughout all levels/settings of New Zealand's COVID-19 response.

New Zealand is at the orange setting in the traffic light system. As a result, the following changes have been made to our services.

Our crews in the community

Our field crews are out and about in communities ensuring households have high quality drinking water and efficient wastewater services. They are fully vaccinated, working in bubbles and wearing masks. To ensure the health and safety of both our crews and your family, we’d prefer that you don’t approach them for a chat when they’re on site.

Responding to faults

Our crews are currently experiencing high demand and are working hard to fix the largest water leaks with the biggest impact first. If and when our crews are impacted by COVID-19, Ministry of Health isolation measures will be adhered to in order to keep other staff safe. The impact on our workforce will affect our ability to respond to all leaks as swiftly as possible. We will, however, always respond to the biggest leaks first.

Before you report a leak/fault, please follow the steps below.
Step 1: Check our current outages page which lists our current known large scale faults.
Step 2: Report a fault via our LiveChat function from 8am-7pm Monday to Friday and 8.30am-5pm Saturday and Sunday.
Step 3: Make sure you tell us the size, scale and impact of the leak/fault. Photos are very helpful.

Newmarket reception

Our reception is open to the public. All visitors must wear a mask, sign in on the ground floor, and present their vaccination pass.


Our billing and payment teams are available on the phone during normal business hours. Our online chat service is available during weekdays and on weekends. All our staff are currently working from home and will endeavour to maintain a high standard of service. Please be patient if technical difficulties are encountered.

Our meter reading team will endeavour to read meters during all settings of the traffic light system. Where they are unable to read your meter due to health and safety reasons they will estimate the usage for the month.

For property managers and solicitors who have or are wanting to request a final reading at this time, if we are unable to read the meter we will estimate the final bill based on the date supplied and the previous usage.

We recommend you register for MyAccount so you can access your account information at your convenience and choose to get your bills via email. To register, you need your latest bill on hand. Click here for more information.

New connections

Our development portal is open should you wish to apply for a new connection. All development and connection services are now operational with appropriate physical distancing and safety protocols in place. We may experience some unavoidable delays, but please bear with us.


Our Central Interceptor team continues to work from all sites while adhering to all COVID-19 protocols.

Construction sites continue to have additional health and safety measures in place, which include assessing well-being and safety before starting work, ensuring only relevant staff are on site, cleaning and disinfecting practices, and making sure crew social distance.

For more information on how we're approaching the COVID-19 situation, click here to read our fact sheet.