Watercare Harbour Clean-Up Trust

This charitable trust removes litter from Auckland’s harbours and inner gulf islands, and promotes clean, clear, rubbish-free waterways. Since it began in 2002, volunteers have removed over 38 million pieces of litter.

The trust has two contractors who crew the boat Phil Warren, working year-round to scoop up litter from the harbour. They also clean along the shorelines and beaches, as well as in estuaries and mangrove areas, using kayaks or a flat-bottomed punt.

Collecting rubbish

The most common items found in the harbour are plastic bottles, caps and plastic bags that get washed down stormwater drains or blown out to sea.

Polystyrene from construction sites is also a problem. This usually comes from commercial and industrial sites near waterways or from insecure rubbish loads on trucks and other vehicles.

Get involved

Volunteers play a key role in the success of the trust, collecting thousands of litres of litter. The Phil Warren can take up to three volunteers at a time, or you can use your own kayak or other craft.

To enquire about volunteering, email harbourcleanup@water.co.nz

Captain’s report: A day in the life of the crew