Domestic or commercial customer?

Our charges are based on whether your water meter is classified as domestic or commercial. If you have both domestic and commercial meters, you will have separate accounts and receive separate bills.

  • Domestic: When the activity at your property involves only living and sleeping, the meter will usually be classified as domestic.
  • commercial: All other meters are classified as commercial. This includes providing commercial accommodation. Indicators that there is a business at the property include:
    • signage advertising the business
    • being GST registered
    • designated parking
    • a business website
    • requiring potable water to meet government and local government regulations (e.g. for food hygiene).

I live in an apartment. Why am I charged as a commercial customer?

The reason is that you are sharing a meter with businesses. This occurs when the activities at the property involve more than just living and sleeping – for example:

  • an apartment block with shops or cafes on the ground floor
  • a dairy or convenience store with a unit above or behind
  • a hairdressing salon in a private house.

In these situations the water meter is classified as commercial, to charge for the additional business use of wastewater services.

To avoid the mixed-use situation, you can apply to separate a shared meter

Learn about shared meters

Can I change my meter classification?

If you believe your meter classification is incorrect, you can apply to change it. Complete the application form for meter reclassification.

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