Water dependent sites

photo of vulnerable children who require water all the time

Water outages or emergency repairs in your area can happen when you least expect it. We understand that for some customers it's essential to have water at all times. If your building provides support to more than 10 vulnerable children or community members we can ensure an alternate water supply is always available. Register below to let us know the reasons you require water at all times.

Register for priority assistance

The services we can offer are:

  • You can choose to be notified of water outages in your area and have bottled water delivered to your building free of charge during outages.

  • ​When a water outage is expected to last for more than four hours, we will support you by providing an alternate water source.

  • ​We'll set up alternate contacts on your account to liaise with the right people.

How do I register for priority assistance?

If you think we can make your life a little bit easier, simply click the button below which will take you to an online form. Complete the form and let us know which type of support you would like. Our team will then review your application and will be in touch to let you know if you've been accepted onto the programme.

Register for priority assistance
image of a calculator that links to our water calculator where you can work out your household usage

Take 5 and tap into your water footprint?

We should all treat water as precious and conserve it when and where we can. Did you know, it takes less than five minutes to find out what your water footprint is and where you can make changes to your household water use. If you're saving water, you're reducing your water footprint and saving money.

Click here to take the water calculator test