Water stations

water stations

Need water for your next event?

If you're in need of some free tap water for your next event in Auckland, well, we might just have the answer. Our striking 1.5-metre-tall water stations allow event-goers to refill their drink bottles with tap water for free.

We've got six of these gems ready to help keep everyone hydrated. The stations proved a hit at the Hīkoi Whakangahau in Cornwall Park, Henderson Christmas Festival and World AIDS Day celebrations.

What are these mobile water stations?

At Watercare, we deliver high quality drinking water to 1.7 million Aucklanders every day. When you turn on the tap to fill your drink bottle or top up the kettle, high quality drinking water flows from it. Water is crucial for each and every one of us. It keeps our minds and bodies healthy. So, we thought it was about time we took our high quality drinking water to the streets. In 2019, we branched out and made our six 1.5-metre-tall stations available for events across Auckland.

How do they work?

Our crew transport the stations to the event, position them where it's easy to connect to the metropolitan water supply network, and that's it - they're up and running for the duration of the event.

Water stations a hit at World AIDS Day 2019

This video was filmed on a very humid World AIDS Day in 2019. When the sun is out and you're having fun it's easy to forget to fill up a water bottle and maintain your fluid intake. Our stations were extremely popular with the event organisers and hundreds of Aucklanders who turned up to celebrate.

Now, you're probably wondering how you apply to have one or two water stations at your event. Well, keep reading.
water stations


Before you apply, please take some time to read through our application criteria. You can do that by clicking here.

How to apply

If your event meets our criteria, click here to complete our online application form.