School Education

Education programme at Watercare

We offer a free education programme to primary and intermediate schools in Auckland.

Your pupils can join in a range of lively, hands-on sessions about water, wastewater and their local environment.

Our experienced teachers can present these lessons in person or give you a range of teaching resources.

Curriculum links

The New Zealand curriculum identifies five key competencies:

  • Thinking

  • Using language, symbols and texts

  • Managing self

  • Relating to others

  • Participating and contributing.

All our water lessons include practical sessions, field trips or experiments. These activities are done in pairs or small groups, sometimes with parent helpers. Students have the opportunity to practise, develop and hone their key competency skills during these sessions, and afterwards by using the supporting materials.

Each online lesson page includes links to the curriculum.

DIY Freshwater Detectives™ kit

Schools can purchase our Freshwater Detectives™ kit, which allows teachers to run their own water quality lessons. Find out more.

Interested in a science lesson?

You can book a lesson with our experienced teachers. Please email the information below to [email protected].

1. What is your name and phone number?

2. What is your school’s name and address?

3. How many classes, in which year groups, would like to receive lessons?

4. What lessons is each year group interested in? (e.g. drinking water)

5. What weeks would you like to receive lessons? If you are interested in the water quality or bugs lessons, please let us know what weeks you would like to receive the class-based lessons and what weeks you would like to take the field trips.

6. Are there any days that do not suit? (e.g. assembly day or Bible-class day)

7. What is your school’s daily timetable? Please let us know the start and finish times of lessons as well as morning tea and lunch break times. 

Sam and Flo read along books

The adventures of Sam and Flo

Crafted by our former education coordinator Sally Smith and illustrated by Auckland artist Emma Scheltema, our Sam & Flo educational books are available in English or te reo Māori.These read along ebooks can be read for free online or downloaded. Plus, our gorgeous A3-size printed books can also be ordered here.

Click here for more on Sam and Flo's adventures.