Drinking water

image of school drinking doing drinking water tests in the school yard

Class-based lesson for new entrants through to year 8 pupils.

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Your pupils will have the opportunity to learn where their water comes from, how it is treated, and how it gets to their homes and school by participating in a drama activity where they become water drops and go on a journey. For older students, there is a content-packed PowerPoint lesson on water treatment. They will find out how much water it takes to fill a bath, wash their clothes and clean their dishes, as well as how much water is used in Auckland on a daily basis.


Your pupils will be set the challenge of cleaning dirty water. They will use four different filter materials and can find out which combination/order of materials makes the best filter. This can be adapted into a teacher-led experimental session for younger pupils with an option for students to make their own water filter at the end of the lesson. 

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