Trade waste charges

Our prices changed on 1 July 2023

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We charge for trade waste services in two ways

  1. The cost of carrying, treating and disposing of trade waste is charged volumetrically as wastewater under the commercial tariff.
    Learn more about wastewater pricing plans 

  2. Additional charges apply for the administration and monitoring we must do to ensure you comply with the bylaw.
    View charges for trade waste agreements, monitoring and site visits.

Sampling and analysis: To discuss charges for these services, please contact us on (09) 539 7655 or email [email protected]

We invoice administration and monitoring charges on your trade account as the work is completed, or monthly if it takes longer. If you would like an indication of the charges likely to apply to you, please contact us.  

Infrastructure growth charge (IGC)

If you are a commercial customer with increasing demand for our water and wastewater services, you may need to pay an infrastructure growth charge.

View IGC charge

Learn about IGCs