Rosedale Treatment Plant Dam

The Rosedale Treatment Plant dam is built to withstand maximum probable earthquake and flood. If disaster strikes, the most likely scenario is that we would have time to evacuate downstream areas in a calm and orderly manner. While a dam breech is highly unlikely, we still plan for worst case scenarios.

If you live downstream or near a dam, here are some tips to be prepared:

  • Sign up to receive emergency response updated for your area. A dam breech is more likely during a natural disaster such as an earthquake or major flood.
  • Find out if you are in a hazard zone and map the route to higher ground.
  • Understand how Auckland Council and the Local Disaster Management Group manage emergency situations in your area.
  • Have a 'Get Ready Get Thru' plan, with an emergency plan and kit.

Further information

Rosedale Dam safety information brochure
Rosedale Dam flow path hazard zone