Smart metering

We are making our network smarter by rolling out smart technology in some parts of Auckland.
A smart network will enable us to provide customers with detailed consumption reporting to manage water use and will help us to further optimise our water and wastewater services.

How does the smart data logger work?
What are the benefits of smart data loggers on water meters?
How often will the smart data logger transmit my data?
What will you do with the information gathered by the smart data logger?
Will I be able to receive my water usage data?
Will the smart data logger affect the operation of other electronic devices in my home?
Is the smart data logger technology safe?
Will this project interfere with my privacy?
Will I be charged for this new service?
Will the new data logger affect my bill?
Will I be able to read my water meter after the smart data logger is installed?
Is it compulsory to be part of the smart data logger trial? Who owns the water meter?