Water is precious

Auckland's water supply is currently stable

That means Auckland is in the water is precious stage where we encourage everyone to use water wisely

Image of a bar of soap

Save 12 litres of water by spending a minute less in the shower

Image of a person brushing their teeth

Save four litres of water by turning off the tap when you brush your teeth

Image of a roll of toilet paper

Save six litres of water by using the half flush when possible

Even though our water supply is stable, water should not be wasted

With Auckland being a coastal city, water can often seem like it is abundant, but tap water is not an infinite resource. We'd ask that you please remember that water is precious and it’s important to use it wisely. Weaving the following tips into your routine will help you conserve water and lower your bill.

Image of a man loading a front-load washing machine

Save water in the laundry

If we combine the average shower, bath, and toilet water use, almost 50 per cent of daily water consumption within the home is attributed to the bathroom. 
Image of a woman cleaning her teeth in the bathroom

Save water in the bathroom

Older washing machines can use 200 litres of water per wash. Simply replacing an older machine for a front-loader can result in massive water savings.

Image of a woman loading a dishwasher

Save water in the kitchen

With so many tasks using water in the kitchen, there's a great opportunity for water reduction.

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Water is precious
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