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Rain tank water meter

If your household or business is connected to the public wastewater network and your primary water supply is a rain tank or bore – you may be able to switch to volumetric wastewater charging. 

This means your wastewater charges will include a variable component, based on the volume of water that flows through your water meter. Alternatively, you can continue to pay a fixed charge, which stays the same no matter how much wastewater is discharged by your household or business.

How much will it cost to install a rain tank water meter?

The costs of installation will vary depending on the location of your pump relative to the meter and on whether your private plumbing needs to be upgraded before the meter can be installed. A cost estimate should be obtained from a Certified Plumber. Watercare charges a $50 application fee, which is added to your first volumetric wastewater bill.

Meter Installation

To help you decide whether or not to go ahead with rain tank water metering, Watercare recommends that you first find out the cost of installation by contacting a Certified Plumber to get a quote. Before installing your rain tank meter, please read Watercare's terms and conditions.
Here are some of the other things you need to consider:

The water meter: An Elster Kent water meter must be used
Installing the meter in the correct location: Refer to Watercare’s installation guidelines
Responsibilities: Rainwater tanks and household plumbing are private systems on private property. Therefore the operation and maintenance of the water meter and your private plumbing network is your responsibility (see the terms and conditions below).

Switching to a fixed/volumetric wastewater charge

Step 1: Read Watercare’s terms and conditions for raintank water metering

Step 2: Get a quote for your rain tank water meter before deciding

Step 3: When the meter is installed, complete Watercare’s Rain Tank Water Meter Application Form and send it to Watercare Services Limited, Private Bag 94010, Auckland 2241 or by email to info@water.co.nz.

Step 4: When your application is approved, Watercare will switch your wastewater charges from the fixed charge to the combined fixed/volumetric charge.

Your new wastewater charge 

Your new wastewater charge will have two parts:
·        a volumetric charge based on the amount of water flowing through your water meter

a fixed charge, which is each household’s contribution to network maintenance

For this year’s rates, see our domestic and non-domestic water and wastewater charges.

Estimated meter readings

We will send you a bill each month. Every second month, your bill is based on an estimation of your water usage, rather than an actual reading of your meter, to minimise costs.

Your first bill

The timing of your first fixed/volumetric bill will depend on when the meter reader is in your area following the approval of your application. In some cases, it may take up to two months for your first volumetric charges to appear on the bill.

Please note your bill totals may vary during the first few months as we gain sufficient information to accurately estimate your usage. 


Download a domestic rain tank water meter application form

Download a non-domestic rain tank water meter application form

Download the installation guide

Download the Q&A

Download the terms and conditions

Download a summary of the rain tank water meter trial