A boost for Hibiscus Coast

The new booster pump station on East Coast Road can pump an extra 17 million litres of water to Hibiscus Coast daily, increasing the amount of water pumped into the region from 17 to 34 million litres daily.

Built by our team and construction partner Fulton Hogan, the $12 million booster pump station has been in operation since December.

The booster pump station will continue to transport water to the Maire Road and Scott Road reservoirs, which draws water from the Glenvar Reservoir.

Project manager Jason Salmon says the new booster pump station will push water from Auckland’s water treatment plants to Hibiscus Coast faster and allow more water to be available in the community.

“This means we can keep the area’s water storage reservoirs topped up throughout the day more quickly – especially in summer when the water demand is much higher.

“The new booster pump station can also pump through a lot more water, meaning that we’re able to meet the needs of a growing population.”

With the new booster pump station in operation, the project team is now turning its attention to dismantling the old pump station roughly 300 metres down the road, says Salmon.

“It will take the project team four weeks to safely dismantle and remove the remains of the old pump station.
 “Demolition will begin with removing and decommissioning salvageable items such as pipework, pumps, and equipment.

“Once demolition is complete, the leftover material will be transported off-site, so the land can be in-filled and landscaped to tie into the surroundings to make it look like the old pump station never existed.”