Auckland, stage one water restrictions are now in force.

That means residents cannot use outdoor hoses or water blasters*
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*When connected to the metropolitan supply network

Drought response

Auckland is in the grips of a severe drought. Stage one water restrictions are now in force.

Click the photo above to find out about restrictions. Click here to see how our individual dams are faring.

Price changes

Our prices changed on
1 July 2020

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Current water storage on 10/07 is 57.20%

Daily usage 09/07 = 401,871m3
Rolling 7 day avg usage = 393,082m3
Daily target for July = 409,000m3

Lower Huia rainfall 09/07 = 5mm
Mangatangi rainfall 09/07 = 4mm

Superheroes save 20 litres

You would have heard that outdoor water restrictions are in place across Auckland. That means, you can't use a hose or water blaster if it's connected to the metropolitan supply network.

We're also asking every Aucklander to play their part inside the home and reduce water usage by 20 litres per person per day - that's two buckets of water and that's what a superhero would do!

If you're wondering how to start saving 20 litres, look no further. Click here and you'll be saving 20 in no time.