Winter means leaks, groundwater and stormwater
all tend to look the same - a puddle on the ground

Help us reduce our non-jobs by learning how to tell one puddle from the other.
Your help will improve our efficiency when tending to actual leaks.

image of a calculator that links to our water calculator where you can work out your household usage

Water calculator

It takes less than five minutes to find out what your household's water footprint is and where you can make changes. If you're saving water, you're saving money.

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Our prices changed on 1 July 2022

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Image showcasing the services we offer customers who are hearing and sight impaired or require additional assistance via our priority assistance service

Priority assistance

Our priority assistance programme is here to offer a bit of extra support. Whether you or your loved one is sight or hearing impaired, requires a translator, or is facing financial difficulties, we can make life a little easier. 

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photo of a girl looking at a beaker or water

Our supply situation

Auckland's water supply is currently stable. Find out what we're doing to make our city's water supply more resilient, and how you can do your bit to conserve water.

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