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What we do

We supply Auckland’s people with safe drinking water and reliable wastewater services while looking after waterways and the environment.

Safe and reliable water and wastewater services

We ensure a reliable water supply by operating an extensive network of treatment plants, reservoirs, pumps, and pipes. Our goal is to deliver clean and healthy water to you. We also collect and treat wastewater to prevent environmental pollution and protect public health.

To maintain and improve Auckland’s water infrastructure, we continuously plan and build new assets, considering challenges posed by climate change and population growth. Collaborating with you to use water efficiently is part of our long-term strategy to secure water supply for future generations.

Wairoa Dam in the Hunua Ranges.

Drinking water

How we supply clean, safe and healthy drinking water for Auckland.

image for Water collection, treatment and monitoring

Water collection, treatment and monitoring

Where Auckland’s water comes from and how it’s collected, treated and monitored.

Photo showing a person in high-vis walking through a wastewater treatment plant.


About our wastewater services and how we keep Auckland’s environment healthy and clean.

Water supply and environmental stewardship

Your water’s journey
We’re committed to great service
Water in the future

Responsibilities and customer relationships

Customer promise, standards and contract

Understand what you can expect from us, how to help us maintain great service standards and how our contract works.

Who is responsible?

Knowing your responsibilities for things like bill payments and potential repairs is crucial. We’re here to help you understand your obligations so you can plan next steps with confidence.

Who is responsible for pipes?

Ownership of water and wastewater pipes passes from Watercare to you at the point of supply. Here’s how to pinpoint where that is on your property.

Sustainability and community partnership

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