Auckland’s water and wastewater prices to go up from 1 July

Our board of directors has confirmed Auckland’s water and wastewater service prices will increase by 7% from 1 July 2022.

This is in line with the price path approved by the board of directors in December 2020 and included in Auckland Council’s Long-Term Plan which was formally adopted in June 2021, following public consultation.

Our chief executive Jon Lamonte says the past 12 months have been challenging.

“Covid-19 has simultaneously pushed up our operating costs and caused inflationary pressure that’s lifted construction costs.

“For example, we’re now paying about 75% more for steel than we were 18 months ago, due to price increases to both buy and transport it.

“But despite rising costs, we are sticking to the price path we communicated last year as part of Auckland Council’s Long-Term Plan.

“Every dollar our customers pay us in their water and wastewater bills goes towards delivering those services safely and reliably and investing in our networks so we can continue to do so.”

Water and wastewater service charges will increase by 7% on 1 July 2022, while infrastructure growth charges will rise by 8%. The price for 1000 litres of water will go from $1.706 to $1.825, while 1000 litres of wastewater will go from $2.966 to $3.174. The fixed wastewater charge will go from $247 a year to $264.

“In real terms, households with average water use will pay around $1.50 more per week.”

Lamonte says there are a number of options available to assist customers who may be struggling financially.

“We understand that many Aucklanders are facing financial challenges at the moment, so we encourage our customers to get in touch with us if they’re struggling to pay their bills.

“We can work out flexible payment plans or refer them to the Water Utility Consumer Assistance Trust, which we fund to support customers suffering genuine hardship,” Lamonte says.

Over the past five years we have provided more than $570,000 to the trust, which has helped 610 vulnerable customers.

What the money is spent on

Lamonte says our $18.5b investment programme for the next 20 years will maintain, replace, upgrade and expand infrastructure to cater for growth, and deliver better environmental outcomes.

“In the next financial year alone we’ll be spending more than $700m on infrastructure projects that will cater for our growing population, replace ageing infrastructure and improve the environment in which we operate.

“These include completing our permanent Papakura Water Treatment Plant, continuing to deliver the Central Interceptor wastewater tunnel and building a new wastewater treatment plant at Snells Beach.”

You can find out the new charges here.