Countdown supermarkets give away 15,000 of our shower timers

We've partnered with Countdown supermarkets to give away 15,000 shower timers to remind Aucklanders to keep their showers short.
The four-minute sand timers are being distributed in Countdown’s online orders, along with a flyer encouraging shoppers to take the four-minute shower challenge.
Watercare chief executive Raveen Jaduram says Auckland’s Hūnua dams, which provide 80 per cent of our water storage, are still severely depleted after a record-breaking dry period.
“Our total dam storage level is currently 58.5 per cent, whereas normally at this time of year we’d be in a comfortable position at more than 80 per cent full. This is why we’re still asking all Aucklanders to save water – 20 litres per person every day.”
One of the easiest ways to do this is to cut your shower short. Reducing it by just two minutes can save about 20 litres of water.
“The four-minute shower timers are a really good reminder to keep your showers short,” Jaduram says. “Personally, I find I’m usually out of the shower before the sand runs out.”
Countdown’s general manager of sustainability Kiri Hannifin says: “We’re really happy to support Auckland’s collective water saving efforts by distributing the shower timers to our customers.
“We all have an important role to play in reducing our water use so that our region’s water supply is in the best possible position for summer.”