Crews work to resolve water outage affecting customers in Remuera and Meadowbank


Latest on the repairs on Remuera Road

4pm Tuesday 13 February

Our crew have confirmed that the repair work has been completed and the watermain is currently recharging. You may already have low water pressure at your place, and full pressure is expected to return later this afternoon. If you experience discoloured water, run an outside tap for 5-10 minutes to flush the discolouration.

Broken pipe in Remuera Road

Break in the pipe at 699 Remuera Road

Repair in the pipe at Remuera Road

The new section of pipe can be seen in blue

Summary of the situation in Remuera

Tuesday morning (13 February)

Our crews have been working to restore water to several streets in Remuera and Meadowbank after three pipe breaks within a 24-hour period.

First break

The initial break at Koraha Street was reported at 10am yesterday and repaired by 10pm.

Second break

The second break at 699 Remuera Road was reported at 4.30pm yesterday and repaired by 11:30pm.

Third break

The third break at 699 Remuera Road was discovered at 2am this morning and the repairs are ongoing. We have customer liaising staff onsite.

Area impacted by the Remuera watermain breaks

Click here for a large version of the map below which shows the area that was impacted by the outages.

Are of Meadowbank and Remuera without water