Don’t let your hose run wild! Be waterwise this summer

Holidaymakers and residents in Auckland’s small, rural towns may notice our new roadside signs reminding everyone to be mindful of their water consumption.

The whole country is experiencing warm, dry weather and we are encouraging Aucklanders to respect water for what it is—a precious resource. 

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Be Waterwise

Networks manager Josaphatt Ip says: “We all love green lawns and clean cars, but it’s too easy for your hose to run wild irrigating gardens and lawns, and cleaning around the home. Then before you know it, you’ve used thousands of litres of water.

“With the recent warm, dry weather we’re seeing record water use. In early December, Aucklanders consumed a massive 500 million litres of water in a single day – the highest-ever daily consumption.”

Josaphatt says there are excellent water supplies in rural Auckland, even in these dry conditions, but given the increase in demand we believe it’s wise to take pressure off the water system.

“We have been locating and fixing leaks in the Warkworth network, as well as working with some of the larger users such as parks on opportunities to use alternative non-potable water sources for irrigation.

“We’d also like everyone – locals and visitors alike – to monitor their water use, and be waterwise in the garden and in the home.”

We recommend home-owners check out our waterwise advice and information.

Josephatt says: “There are plenty of simple steps people can take to conserve water. Reduce your shower time, only wash when the machine is full, turn off the tap while brushing teeth – small changes like this make a huge difference if we all do them.”