Flushing to help with discoloured water issues in Onehunga

We are aware that certain households in the Onehunga area continue to encounter instances of discoloured water. To mitigate this, we have recommenced our flushing programme to clear the pipes and help us identifying the root cause of the discolouration. We will be working Monday to Friday from 8pm until 5am until further notice. During that period, you might experience a temporary reduction in water pressure at your property. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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See our FAQs below for more on the flushing programme and what to do if you have discoloured water.

What is flushing

Flushing involves us releasing water from fire hydrants for up to an hour at a time. Our crew test the amount of sediment - harmless mineral deposits like iron and manganese – in the pipe every 15 minutes until the water is clear. This is referred to as the 'low-velocity flush'. This method will avoid stirring anything further in the pipes, causing greater discolouration. 

What happens to water flushed

In some cases, our crew will carry out a 'high-velocity flush' which pushes water through the pipe at a faster rate. This means some properties may experience a temporary water shutdown. If this happens, you will be notified five working days in advance.

Will the flushing resolve the issue

We are taking a two-pronged approach to fix the discoloured water issues.

In the first instance, we will continue our flushing programme in your area. Secondly, we will install auto flushers to reduce sediment buildup in the pipes. This will help to identify which pipes need to be replaced as part of our renewal programme in the medium term.

What to do if you still have discoloured water

Please run your outside tap (closest to your water meter) for about 10 minutes to clear your private water pipes. If the water is still discoloured afterwards, please report a fault via our chatbot. If possible, please also send a picture of the water discolouration so we can send a crew to investigate and best track the areas impacted.

Please note: There is no relation between the current water discolouration and the shutdown of our Onehunga water treatment plant.

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