Helping to improve stormwater quality at Takapuna Beach

Since 2019, we have been working with Auckland Council’s Healthy Waters team to sample stormwater outlets and complete drainage inspections as part of water quality improvement work at Takapuna Beach.

To improve the water quality of the stormwater that flows out of the catchments at Takapuna Beach, we kicked off a $5.44 million programme to reline and rehabilitate the Takapuna Foreshore Pipeline in May 2021.

Project manager Johan Gerritsen says we opted to reline the 81-year-old pipeline – which runs the entire length of Takapuna Beach – using trenchless technology, a method that carries out the repair work from inside the pipe, rather than disturbing the surface or removing the pipe.

“Using trenchless technology, our construction partner, March Cato, was able to reline the pipeline and rehabilitate the 36 manholes along the pipeline without taking the pipe out of service.”

Healthy Waters principal environmental scientist Patricia Burford says to test stormwater quality, samples are collected from different stormwater discharge points along the beach.

“From these samples, Healthy Waters tests for E.coli and enterococci, and some samples are also tested to determine the source(s) of faecal contamination like human, avian, or dog.

“Since the sewer pipe relining was completed, preliminary results of water sampling are encouraging.

“We will continue to collect and analyse data over an extended time to confirm any water or beach quality trends.”

Burford says Eke Panuku and Auckland Transport have several projects underway to further improve the water quality at Takapuna Beach.

“Other stormwater improvement projects are also taking place in Takapuna, including new stormwater treatment devices in Waiwharariki Anzac Square.

“Eke Panuku and Auckland Transport have incorporated these devices into their projects with financial contributions from Auckland Council’s Healthy Waters budget. 

“These devices will also improve the quality of the stormwater discharging to Takapuna Beach.”

Our improvement programme manager Dave Moore says he is proud of the work Auckland Council and Watercare have done, and will continue to do, to improve water quality in Takapuna.

“However, the best thing locals can do to reduce the frequency of overflows is to continue only flushing the 3 P’s (poo, pee and toilet paper) and keep gully traps raised off the ground.”