More water for the North Shore and Rodney District after Watercare’s planned operation goes smoothly

Projects, 12/07/2017
An extra 30,000 cubic metres of drinking water will be heading towards the North Shore and Rodney District after Watercare successfully completed a pump station switch-on in Triangle Road over the weekend.

This was one of the biggest planned operations for the water supply team in recent years and involved more than 100 Watercare staff and contractors. Watercare’s transmission manager, Sharon Danks, says: “This operation required months of detailed planning and we specifically carried out the work at night, so that any impact on residents was minimal. Around 60,000 residents live in this area and we didn’t receive a single call from the public, which is great.

“We carried out an extensive communication and awareness campaign to let everyone know that temporary water discoloration could occur as manganese and iron were dislodged from the pipe linings but there was no impact on anyone.”

The pump station, which was constructed in 2015 and is at capacity during summer months, will boost pressure and water flows in the North Harbour no. 1 watermain.

After two cool, damp summers, Auckland may be overdue for a hot one, so the increased water supply will mean North Shore and Rodney District residents won’t have to worry about shortages from now on. 
Watercare is investing heavily in water supply in what is one of Auckland’s fastest growing regions. The new pump station will be complimented by the construction of the North Harbour no. 2 watermain and additional storage in the western region. ​