New Lynn Pump Station - an upgrade for the ages

New Lynn pump station

The upgrade of one of Auckland’s most important water pump stations had as much drama as a blockbuster movie, with a brazen burglary and extreme weather events threatening to derail it.

But with perseverance, our New Lynn Pump Station is now more resilient and can pump more water through the water network this summer.

Project manager Jane Adams says the project began in April 2022 and was expected to take a year at most.

“What we had not accounted for was a break-in back in June - causing more than $500,000 worth of damage - and having to give our two new transformers to our Rosedale Wastewater Treatment Plant to ensure the continuous delivery of essential wastewater services.

“Although we managed to order two new transformers easily, the break-in was hugely disappointing for the team as the burglars ripped out all recently installed equipment for just $300 worth of copper wire.

“The Auckland floods and Cyclone Gabrielle event also put a spanner in the works with us, requiring us to put off some of the installation works.”

New Lynn pump station upgrade

The upgrade involved installing a fourth pump and power supply transformer, building modifications, and replacing and moving the underground switchboard and pump controllers to above ground.

The aim of the project was to improve the operation and safety of the pump station, future-proof it, and enhance the resilience of the water transmission system. It will also enable the commissioning of a new Huia Water Treatment Plant, which is currently in the consenting stage.

Although our team and construction partner Pipeline and Civil achieved what they set out to do – while keeping the pump station operational – it was an upgrade that tested everyone’s adaptability and resilience.

“All the setbacks pushed the project completion date by another six months, but even so, the team accomplished an upgrade that has good outcomes for the community.

“The upgrades from the pump station will enable water to be pumped faster from the southern to the western network storage reservoirs and more water to be pumped into the local water network.
“Changing and moving all electrical equipment and underground switchboards to above ground has also improved the structure's overall health and safety, resilience and reliability."

New Lynn pump station upgrade

Adams says the team opted for a gabion exterior to seamlessly blend the pump station into the surrounding landscape of Manawa Wetland Reserve.
The gabion wall will also help to provide acoustic insulation to the pump station. This will help to reduce the amount of noise created inside and outside the building, making it a better environment for those who work there and for people who want to enjoy the reserve's sights and sounds.
“We are planning to plant vines which will climb up the cage to further blend the pump station into the surroundings of the Manawa Reserve.

“As part of our efforts to improve the site, we will be planting 75 more plants. These plants will be carefully selected from the Tāmaki Ecological District and will be of high-quality nursery stock.”