On the tools in Mt Roskill

Four major water infrastructure projects under construction in Mt Roskill and its nearby suburbs will play a major role in supporting the construction of more than 12,000 homes. 

The four projects underway are: the Huia 1 replacement on Duke Street and McCullough Ave, the construction of the Akarana Pump Station, the Waikowhai pipelines, and the watermain upgrades in Wesley and Owairaka.

These projects – alongside other planned water and wastewater infrastructure projects - will significantly support the development of a mix of 11,200 public, market and affordable homes, as well as an additional 945 privately funded residential homes.

Project manager Tim Manning says the Huia 1 replacement will transport treated drinking water to around 20% of Auckland's population.

"We’re building a new pipeline because the current pipeline is aging and is no longer fit for its intended purpose.

“The new pipeline is being installed along road corridors and reserves to ensure easy access in case of any future network failures.

“Additionally, the new pipes will allow for increased water flow throughout the community.”

Manning says the Duke St and McCullough Ave sections of the Huia 1 replacement project is on track to be completed by the middle of next year. "Work on the replacement pipeline will begin on Donovan Street and White Swan Road in December."

"We also plan to return to finish work on the pipeline's May Road and Marion Avenue section mid-next year."

Project manager Peter Kukulsky says the Akarana Pump Station, Waikowhai pipelines and watermain upgrade in Wesley and Owairaka are among the seven projects we will deliver in partnership with Kāinga Ora. These projects are part of the Mt Roskill shovel-ready programme and will be completed within the next 15 years.

"These projects and upgrades are needed as our current water and wastewater networks cannot support future residential and commercial development.”

Kukulsky says under the shovel ready program, the Akarana booster pump station will be the first of the three water infrastructures to be built and is expected to be completed by March 2024.

"When in service, the Akarana booster pump station will be able to pump over 200 litres of water per second into the network - roughly doubling the amount of water available in the community.”

Kukulsky says the Waikowhai replacement pipeline is expected to be completed in early 2025, with the Wesley and Owairaka upgrades scheduled for completion later that same year.

"Both infrastructure projects will see the installation of larger pipes that will be able to take advantage of the extra water the Akarana booster pump station can pump through.”

Kukulsky says, construction partner Fulton Hogan has started the second stage of the Wesley and Owairaka upgrades.

"The project crew has commenced work on O'Donnell Ave and will proceed to work up Parkinson Avenue, Farrelly Avenue, and Denize Road."

"Meanwhile, the team in Mt Roskill will continue working on the Waikowhai pipeline at the intersection of Richardson Road and Penney Avenue and on Richardson Rd East.”

Kukulsky says commuters and residents can expect to experience some traffic and noise disruptions while these critical works are underway.

"Traffic management will be present throughout the project and consist of one-way detours

"The traffic management currently on Richardson Rd will switch to Dominion Rd and Dominion Rd extension next year."

"However, to keep these disruptions to a minimum these works will be carried out during regular work hours, 7am to 6 pm Monday to Friday – and we will continue to notify the public of any traffic management and layout changes before construction. Sites will also be fenced to ensure public safety.

“Please follow the guidance of our on-site traffic personnel and posted signage.”

Kāinga Ora General Manager Urban Development and Delivery Mark Fraser says the work they’ve undertaken with Watercare has already seen significant community benefits.

“Together over the last five years we have installed more than 5km of new watermains and 4.5km of new wastewater pipes in Roskill South. 

“It not only lays the foundation for us and our build partners to build hundreds of new homes, but also unlocks future private development in Mt Roskill, while significantly improving service delivery and amenity for existing residents.

“The outcomes of these projects are testament to what working together collaboratively can achieve, and we’re looking forward to continuing this partnership so we can keep delivering for Auckland.”