Partnering to push the water saving message


How water-wise is your whānau? We’ve teamed up with Plunket to help spread the word on how using less water is good for the environment – and your wallet.

Plunket’s Northern Region Operations Manager Sam Ferreira says, “A new baby can have a huge impact on your finances. It can mean there is less money to spend as the household income drops and costs go up. One of the ways you can help trim your household expenses is by reducing your water bill, and if you use a lot of hot water, you could also lower your energy bill as well.”

“You don’t need to make huge, sweeping changes to see a difference. It could be as easy as encouraging everyone to turn off the tap while they brush their teeth, reducing shower times by just two minutes, or only running your dishwasher when it’s full (two half loads use more water and energy than one full load). Small changes can really add up in the long-run,” says Ms Ferreira.

It’s not just your bank account that will appreciate your water-saving efforts – you’ll also be living more sustainably, helping the environment, and reducing the amount of money needed to build infrastructure to provide water and wastewater services.

For more information on how to reduce water use at home, school or your workplace, click here.

We became an official Plunket partner in January this year, when we teamed up to promote the “Three-Ps” of what goes down the loo: (toilet) paper, pee and poo.

The partnership reflects the shared interest between Plunket, councils and water utilities to support the community and do the right thing for the environment.

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Plunket flyer of kitchen water saving tipsPlunket flyer of laundry water saving tips