Pipeline assessment in progress in Māngere East

The team doing network investigations in Mangere East

Our network investigation team will be working in Māngere East this summer. You may see signs in English, Samoan and Tongan explaining that they are videoing and clearing the wastewater pipes to assess them for any damage.

Project manager Frank Lin says, once they pipes have been cleaned and assessed for damage, the team will aim to begin work on relining, repair, or replacing the damaged pipes and manholes around Rehua Place and Aorere Park and surrounding streets from February 2024.

“The work we're doing in the area is part of a $14.15million project to reduce wastewater overflows, build resiliency, and cater for growth in the area.

“The project is jointly funded by us and the Government's Shovel Ready funding package. This will enable up to 2680 new healthy homes in Aorere Park and Rehua Place neighbourhoods.”

A message in a letterbox about the network investigations in Mangere East

Lin says, if our team is working on your street, one of them may visit your house to explain the work being done.

“To assess the pipes for damage our team will be flushing out the pipes with high-pressure water, which can cause water to flow back into your pipes and potentially cause a toilet backup.

"They may also ask you to close the toilet lid and place something heavy on top of it to keep it closed.

“Once the work is completed, the team will inform you. If our work has caused an overflow on your property, please let us know and we will clean it for you.
“It's important to note most of the work we're doing is outside of people’s properties.”

Lin says, our staff and authorised contractors will always have an ID on their hi-vis or vehicle and an authorisation letter with them to carry out the works.

“You can expect our crew to knock on your door before they start their works in or outside your property. Our crew will never ask you for any form of payment. If they do, rest assured that they're not from Watercare.”

Lin says the network investigation work we have underway in Māngere East shouldn't cause too much disruption.

“However, if it does, please be patient with us, and respect our crew who are working hard to improve your local wastewater network to reduce overflows, improve water quality, and cater for growth in the community.”