Pump station at Wynyard Quarter nears completion


Our $14 million wastewater pump station and pipeline project in Wynyard Quarter is on track for completion in March.

Work on the large underground tank, new pump station and associated pipework began in November 2015. Construction workers from Fulton Hogan worked through some gnarly weather, including last year’s Tasman Tempest and one of the wettest winters and springs on record. At one stage, groundwater combined with high tides, meant the 14-metre deep circular wet-well (storage tank) filled with groundwater, providing an additional challenge.    

A crane is set up next to the partially built pump station.
Construction continues on the pump station control building. 

The new underground tank will store 400,000 litres of wastewater, reducing the incidence of wet-weather overflows during heavy rain, when large amounts of stormwater suddenly enter and overwhelm the system. 

Wynyard Quarter is one the most dynamic and fast-growing parts of the city and this project will ensure the wastewater system will not only keep up with this current development but will also cater for future growth.  

Watercare engineering project manager Pieter Maarschalk says the project has enormous value: “Improving water services in Wynyard Quarter has always been hugely important. I am enormously proud of everyone involved who has got the project to this stage.”

We have hundreds of water and wastewater pump stations throughout Auckland and while designers try to blend the buildings in with surroundings, with planting and so forth, they tend to be functional affairs. This time, however, the control building containing the Wynyard Quarter pump station is anything but a standard concrete box. Instead, the 10.5-metre high structure has curved walls to reflect the nearby silo stacks that are such a popular and iconic downtown feature. 

Inside the control building the fit-out is in progress, including a new switchboard for the pumps. New public toilets will also be built soon— a handy addition for visitors to the area. Paving and tree planting will take place once construction is finished.

A new pipeline linking the pump station to the existing Orakei Main wastewater network has been laid underneath Halsey Street, alongside Victoria Park and across Fanshawe Street by Downer. A final 20-metre new pipe section is currently being constructed in the left-turn slip lanes from Wellesley and Drake streets, into Victoria Street West. There is no left-turn for traffic whilst this work is being done and there are temporary diversions for buses. Construction is due to be finished in February. 

The new pipeline being laid under Victoria Street West.
The pipeline being installed in Victoria Street West.

Panuku Development Auckland continues the role of Waterfront Auckland in leading the redevelopment of Wynyard Quarter. As the major land owner, Panuku ensures the area is developed in an environmentally sustainable way with high quality public spaces designed with people at the heart. .