See the bigger picture at Mairangi Bay pump station site open day

Our team is hard at work, futureproofing the waterways and wastewater network in the East Coast Bays area.

Residents are welcome to come and check out the progress at our new $21.8m Mairangi Bay pump station construction, on the corner of Sidmouth Street and Montrose Terrace on Saturday 21 January.

Visitors will get the chance to learn about the critical infrastructure and pipeline upgrades our team and construction partners plan to deliver over the next five years, says project manager Dirk Du Plessis.

“As many know, the investment we are putting into the East Coast Bays area is twofold: to reduce wet weather overflows into local waterways like Mairangi Bay Beach and to build critical infrastructure that supports the region’s current and future growth.

“At the open day, Aucklanders will get the chance to safely explore the pump station site and talk to our partners, meet other infrastructure providers, and learn more about our projects for the East Coast Bays area.”

Du Plessis says Aucklanders will also get the chance to peer down into the 12-metre-deep underground pump station that stretches underneath Sidmouth Street. “The underground pump station will be home to four massive pumps. Two pumps will run, while the third will assist during wet weather overflows helping to minimise overflows into the bay.

“A building will sit on top of half of the underground pump station. The building will house the control centre, electrical switch gear and an odour control system to remove the smell from the air before it’s released back into the environment and two substations to supply the pump station with power.”

“The new pump station will be able to handle flows of up to 625 litres per second, compared to the existing pump station’s 340 litres per second.

“It will also have an integrated storage wet well of 230,000 litres.”

Du Plessis says Aucklanders will also get the chance to get to know more about the work we do and the career pathways we offer. “It’s a fantastic opportunity for people to better understand our water and wastewater network – and how it connects – while having some fun exploring the site.”

“You’ll also get to finish off the tour with a complimentary sausage, Mr Whippy Ice-cream, and coffee. Making it a great day out for all Aucklanders.”

“We’re aiming to have the Mairangi Bay Pump Station in service by 2023.”

Mairangi Bay Pump Station site Open Day will take place on Saturday 21 January from 10am to 2pm. Entry is free.