Summer is coming, so make every drop count

Summer has arrived early and it's a good time for rural residents to check their water tanks regularly and start thinking now about water conservation.

Water networks manager Josaphatt Ip says forward planning is the key to avoiding an emergency: “Water tanker operators are already busy, so we’d like to remind everyone that if they need to clean their water tanks, top up swimming pools, wash houses or boats, to make sure they have enough water well before hand, as we have a long holiday season ahead.

"If you do need to order water, make sure you give the operators plenty of notice. Don’t wait until you’ve almost run out before you call them.” 

There are dozens of practical tips on our website on how to be waterwise. They include installing a shower head with a low flow rate and turning off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth or shaving, which can save five litres of water. Or use a bowl to scrub vegetables in the kitchen sink, rather than under a running tap—then pour the used water onto your garden plants afterwards.

Irrigating gardens can use up a lot of water too. People can water their plants in the early morning or evening to minimise evaporation and use a watering can or a hose with a hand-held trigger to minimise waste.

Bach owners who are renting out their properties can also be proactive and put up notices in bathrooms and kitchens advising people how to conserve water. 

On Monday 4 December, as temperatures soared, Aucklanders consumed a massive 494 million litres of water. Wednesday 6 December saw the most usage in a single day, a record 500 million litres. The Hūnua and Waitākere Dams have plenty of water following a wet winter and spring but it’s always a good idea to think about saving  water, especially when school holidays are just around the corner.