Titirangi, Konini residents urged to reduce their water use


Update: Wednesday 15 February

Some excellent mahi by our crews and contractor today mean customers living in Titirangi, Konini, Oratia and Glen Eden can return to using water normally. Our team's work to reconfigure the water supply network in West Auckland is now complete.

Original story

Last Friday we emailed you and our customers in Titirangi, Konini, Oratia and parts of Glen Eden to ask you to save water. This is because the treated water storage reservoir in your area is now serving more customers, as we had to make changes in our network to restore water to people affected by the storm.
Thank you so much for doing your bit to reduce your water use. We can see that the community is doing a fantastic job and your water supply is in a really good position. Our crews have also found and fixed a number of leaks in your area that has helped to relieve some of the strain on the water storage reservoir.
We had hoped to have a long-term solution in place by the end of this week, however this work is now likely to be another week away. So please, keep up the great work you’re doing to save water for a bit longer.

Please click here or below to enlarge the map

Map of Titirangi, Glen Eden and Konini. These customers are being asked to reduce their water use immediately.

For customers in the part of Glen Eden we are asking to save water, click here or below to enlarge the map

Map of the part of Glen Eden that we need to save water

Tips for reducing your water use

  • Keep your showers to four minutes, or less. If you shorten your shower by two minutes, you’ll already have saved about 20 litres.

  • Turn off the tap when you’re soaping your hands or brushing your teeth.

  • Only use your washing machine and dishwasher when they’re full.

  • Be mindful of all water use in your household.

  • If you need to use a hose, please use a trigger nozzle to reduce wastage.

  • Check for leaks in and around your home

Please share this message with your neighbours and others in your community in case we do not have their email addresses. If you are a landlord, please forward this email to your tenants in the Titirangi, Konini, Oratia and Glen Eden area.
Thank you for doing your bit to save water to help us keep your taps running.