Triangle Road pump station to boost water supply


Due to a massive pipe burst on Thursday 10 November, the planned work to bring Triangle Road pump station back into service is postponed till 2023. We will advise customers of a confirmed date closer to the time.

What's happening?

On the evening of Thursday 10 November 2022, we are carrying out essential work to ensure your community continues to benefit from a reliable water supply. We are letting you know as there is a slight chance it will affect the colour of your water on Friday 11 November. You may recall we emailed you last month when we originally planned to do this work. Unfortunately, we experienced technical issues and had to postpone.

What areas could be impacted?

  • Henderson
  • Te Atatū South
  • Te Atatū Peninsula
  • Ranui
  • Swanson
  • Massey
  • West Harbour
  • Whenuapai
  • Herald Island
  • Greenhithe

What do I do if I have discoloured water?

Run your tap for 10 minutes. If it does not clear, please let us know your address by emailing [email protected]. We will send a crew to your area to carry out further work.

Map of areas potentially affected by Triangle Road pump station being brought back into service

Check out our FAQs for more information

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What should I do after the work has finished?
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