Upgraded Meremere Treatment Plant now compliant with Regional Council

Press release courtesy of Waikato District Council

Photo of Meremere Wastewater Treatment Plant

Waikato District Council’s Meremere Wastewater Treatment Plant had its abatement notice (a breach of the provision of the RMA) lifted last week following upgrades to meet compliance.

Upgrades included the installation of a Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) plant which provides high removal efficiency of contaminants such as nitrogen, phosphorus and bacteria.

The improvements to the treatment plant have also secured a 35-year consent with Regional Council which demonstrates successful partnering with local iwi and hapū and Council’s water delivery partner, Watercare.
Waikato District Council’s Chief Executive, Gavin Ion, acknowledges the significant work undertaken to achieve this outcome in such a short timeframe.

“The new treatment plant has replaced an ageing and non-compliant plant and has brought the quality of treated water to modern standards.

Obtaining a longer-term consent is typically a timely process as it involves consultation and input from iwi, hapū, landowners and various other stakeholders, so this is a great outcome for all”, said Mr. Ion.

Following the 2019 abatement notice, Waikato District Council dedicated an approved $6 million towards upgrading the treatment plant.

During a short timeframe, Watercare procured and built a high technology wastewater treatment plant that also caters for medium-term growth of Meremere and the surrounds.

Mayor Allan Sanson is proud of the partnership Council and Watercare continue to demonstrate in order to deliver improved water services for customers across the district.

“This project highlights the success of the partnership between Council and Watercare as governed and guided by our independent Waters Governance Board.

It is our priority to continue to provide the highest quality waters services across the district possible, and I am confident in our ability to do so with our partnership structure,” said Mayor Sanson.