Urgent call for Glenbrook Beach customers to reduce water use


Temporary watermain in place at Glenbrook Beach

Update: 6 March 2023

A temporary watermain is now installed and operating which means Glenbrook Beach customers no longer need to reduce their water use. The permanent solution, which will see the pipe positioned under the seabed, should be in place by the end of the calendar year. Thank you to everyone in Glenbrook Beach who did their bit and reduced their water use.

What happened?

Map showing the pipe break near Glenbrook Beach

The water pipe located between Waiau Beach and Glenbrook Beach broke at 11am on Sunday 22 January. The pipe is used to transport drinking water to the Glenbrook Beach community. When the pipe failed, it floated to the top of the estuary causing a potential hazard for those using the waterway. It has since been removed. For approximately three hours on Sunday, some parts of the community were without water. Since then, we have been tankering to the local reservoir which is currently supplying the community.

Who should you contact if you have concerns about your water supply?

Please email our team: [email protected]

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6 March 2023
20 February 2023