Wastewater pipe being repaired on Hillsborough foreshore

We are working to fix a broken wastewater pipe on the foreshore, adjacent to Frederick St, Hillsborough.
The 750mm pipe is submerged in deep mud and silt. The wastewater spill has been contained and water quality is being closely monitored whilst the complex repairs are carried out at low tide. This is likely to take 2 to 3 weeks.
Auckland Council’s Pollution Control team was notified once the break was discovered on 23 April.
Warning notices, advising the public not to swim or gather shellfish from the immediate area are in place.
The leak occurred when a rubber ring surrounding a joint, deteriorated and blew out. Lead wool has now been inserted into the joint and our contractors are now working on a permanent repair.
Watercare central networks operations manager Andrew Deutschle says the location of the pipe makes the repair operation particularly complex: “From an engineering perspective, this is about as difficult as it gets. We will have to excavate many metres of mud from the area immediately surrounding the pipe and this stretch of coastline is particularly tidal.
"We have successfully contained the leak, and wastewater is being diverted away from the break to a nearby pump station. We have someone on-site 24 hours per day to ensure the repairs are holding.”
Local residents have been notified of the work and will be sent updates as work progresses.