Water restored for recently-returned Muriwai customers

water tanker restoring water to Muriwai customers
Muriwai customers who have recently returned home after their red sticker was lifted will have water running through their taps again today.

Our northern networks operations manager Tim Scheirlinck says condition assessments, pipe disinfection and water quality testing was completed over the weekend.

“Today we’re livening up the network so customers who’ve recently been able to move home will have safe drinking water in their taps again.

“We’d like to thank the community for their patience while we’ve carried out the essential maintenance and tests.”

Our Muriwai Water Treatment Plant remains red-stickered, so customers are being supplied with a temporary solution.

“The temporary fix is a water tanker that stores water much like a reservoir. We’re pumping water directly back into the existing network using a mobile pump station, and are now increasing the number of top-ups to the tanker to service the extra people.

“There is a chance there may be minor disruptions to supply, given the set-up we’re operating with at the moment, and we are asking our customers to please be mindful of their water use.”

Scheirlinck says we are currently exploring long-term options for Muriwai’s water supply.