Watercare releases latest annual report


The Watercare Annual Report 2017 is now available online​. The report summarises Watercare’s performance against the objectives set out in our statement of intent and provides an insight into our operations during the 2016/17 financial year.

Addressing the theme of “meeting the demands of change and growth”, the report highlights why Watercare plans for the unexpected. The Tasman Tempest storm in March dumped unprecedented levels of rain and silt into the catchment that supplies most of the city’s water. The subsequent impact on water production sent our teams into action as they worked hard to maintain Auckland’s water supply.

The event proved Watercare’s resilience, and demonstrated the capability of both our water supply system and our people, as well as Aucklanders’ willingness to heed our call and reduce water consumption. It was also a reminder that Watercare fulfils its obligations as a lifeline provider in a volatile, uncertain world, evident in the reliable supply of ‘Aa’-graded drinking water to Auckland 100% of the time.

The report provides both the strategic view of the business and the more detailed aspects of our day-to-day functioning. It describes how Watercare is turning to technology and innovation, while we realign our culture and organisation.