We make steady progress on wastewater upgrades for Warkworth

photo of the Mairangi Bay shaft
Construction of the wastewater pump station at Lucy Moore Memorial Park and the Warkworth to Snells Beach transfer pipeline is well underway.
The two infrastructure projects are core projects in our $300+ million infrastructure upgrade for the Snells Beach and Warkworth area.
Our asset upgrades and renewals general manager Suzanne Lucas says: “Both projects are on track to be completed by 2024 and will significantly support the projected population growth and scheduled development for Warkworth's north-west over the next 35 years.”
Once completed, the wastewater pump station at Lucy Moore Memorial Park will be able to store up to 828,000 litres and pump up to 290 litres of wastewater per second, helping to reduce overflows in the area – including the Mahurangi River – significantly.
She says the project team has completed the external construction of the underground wet well and dry well that will sit 13 metres underneath the ground structure of the wastewater pump station at Lucy Moore Memorial Park.
"This structure was built using an innovative caisson sunk shaft construction method that uses the force of the poured concrete to slowly and evenly sink into the ground as the inside of the structure is excavated.
“This method means there’s less noise and vibration for the surrounding community, it’s safer for site workers and park users, and it has a reduced carbon footprint with less backfilling than a bottom-up construction method.
“Using the same construction method, we are also halfway through completing an emergency storage tank that sits 8 metres underground on the same site as the wastewater pump station.”
Once both underground structures are in place, the project team will pour the floor base slabs and construct the pump station dividing walls. Following this will be the mechanical and electrical installation, network pipe connection, and the construction of the above-ground structure designed to complement the park's natural surroundings.
"After construction, we will remediate and enhance the site by planting a mix of native and exotic trees in the park."
Meanwhile, earthworks and environmental controls are underway for the establishment of two tunnelling launch platforms for the Warkworth-Snells transfer pipeline.
"The five-kilometre pipeline will be installed using direct pipe trenchless technology,” Lucas says. “We expect to start tunnelling in mid-2023.
In conjunction with our contractor McConnell Dowell, we plan to keep any disruptions from these infrastructure projects to a minimum.
"We thank people for their understanding and patience while we carry out critical work to improve our current services and provide capacity to support future growth in the area.”  

Pump station