Huia 1 Watermain pipeline upgrade

One of Auckland’s main water supply pipeworks from the west is being replaced with a larger pipe to cater for future population growth.

Start–finish: June - December 2019
Location: Current work on Golf Road
Status: Construction

What's happening?

Between Titirangi Road and Portage Road, we will be building a new water pipe called the Huia No.1 from June to December 2019. This will be constructed by open trenching. Given the size of the pipe (900mm) it requires a 7-metre working corridor to build this safely. The pipe will mainly be located in the southern carriageway of Golf Road (the Titirangi-bound lane). This will restrict the flow of traffic along Golf Road for the duration of the works. There will be multiple work sites along this road to expedite construction and each of these sites will be up to 200 - 300m long. 

Why are we doing this?

We are renewing the large-diameter watermain called the Huia No. 1, which has reached the end of its useful life. The Huia No.1 watermain was built in the 1940s after World War Two. To extend its life, we rehabilitated it in the 1980s, but we now need to build a new pipe.

Traffic management measures in place

Due to the construction requirements, lane restrictions are needed and  traffic will mainly flow from Titirangi Road to Portage Road (city-bound). Multiple options have been assessed by traffic engineering specialists. This option was chosen to be the most effective and safest. 

Traffic management FAQs

Q: Why do you not have tidal flow (changing of traffic flows during the day and night)?
A: Tidal flow is a viable option where there are multiple lanes that can be changed, i.e. Whangaparaoa Peninsula. Where there is only one lane through residential streets, this is not feasible as it is not safe for the local residents as flows change during the day, and confusion around traffic direction could occur. There would also be issues with people ignoring this comprising safety and traffic flows. Bus routes also travel in the direction of the traffic management proposed. If this were to be changed, bus routes would have to be altered causing additional confusion.

Q: Why don’t you use traffic lights or stop-go operations?
A: This is not feasible due to the length of the work sites. Traffic queue lengths become too large, making it less efficient than one way traffic as this causes traffic in both directions.

Q: How do you notify road users?
A: VMS digital sign boards are the most effective way of communicating to road users. We have implemented VMS boards for this project, in advance of the works.

Project update

The construction of the Huia 1 watermain along Golf Road is progressing well. Traffic management will continue as we work our way down the road. We are working as quickly as possible to re-open roads. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we undertake these essential works. We are working as quickly and safely as possible.

A​ny questions?

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