Huia 1 Watermain pipeline upgrade

One of Auckland’s main water supply pipeworks from the west is being replaced with a larger pipe to cater for future population growth.

Start–finish: 2015–2021
Location: Titirangi Reservoir
Status: Design

What's happening?

The pipeline known as the Huia No.1 watermain, or the Huia No.1, was built in the 1940s and provides Auckland with water from the Waitākere Dams via the Huia Water Treatment Plant. The existing pipeline being replaced lies partly underneath private property and schools.

Planning and design for the project is currently under way. When completed, the new Huia No.1 will ensure that we continue to deliver high quality water services to a growing Auckland population, minimising the risk of disruption to your water supply.

Site investigations

Before building starts, ground investigations will be done at locations along the new watermain route. These investigations will assist with the planning and design stages of the project. The investigations will identify ground conditions and the location of existing services within the road corridor.

Temporary traffic management and fencing will be in place around the working areas for everyone’s safety. Our contractor may be working for up to one week at each site. In some instances, important services will also be exposed for surveying. At the conclusion of these investigations, all areas will be reinstated.

More information

Project flier (January 2016)