Huia water treatment plant replacement - Manuka Road, Waima

Planning is underway to build a new water treatment plant to replace the adjacent aging current Huia water treatment plant that was built in 1928.

The proposed site for the new plant is on the corner of Manuka Road and Woodland Park Road, Waima.

Start–finish: 2016–2023
Location: Woodlands Park Road, Waima (Titirangi)
Status: Planning

Latest update, November 2018: Watercare to defer lodgement of resource consent application for replacement Huia Water Treatment Plant (WTP) until 2019

Over the past year, Watercare has undertaken extensive studies for the proposed replacement Water Treatment Plant in Waima.
The most comprehensive and scrutinised of these have focused on ecology and vegetation cover at the proposed sites. These include the proposed main plant, to be located on the corner of Manuka and Woodlands Park Road and two proposed treated water storage reservoirs, to be built across the road, near Exhibition Drive.
The studies have been undertaken in close consultation with the Huia WTP Community Liaison Group (CLG), set up in 2017. The group is made up of members from local community groups and meets regularly to discuss community and ecological aspects of the project, as plans develop.
As part of our on-going liaison, we have commissioned a further report on the proposed reservoirs, which is due in February 2019.
In order to give the community more time to review the relevant information, we have therefore decided to defer lodgement of the Resource Consent application until the New Year, when more information will be made available.


The Huia water treatment plant on Woodlands Park Road can provide up to 20 per cent of Auckland’s water needs. It treats water from the Upper and Lower Huia dams and Upper and Lower Nihotupu dams. The plant is nearing the end of its operational life and needs to be replaced. In addition, two new treated water reservoirs are also required on Watercare-designated land opposite the existing plant in order to improve resilience in the water supply. The new plant and reservoirs will ensure we can secure the future supply of high-quality water from the precious source of the water in the Waitākere Ranges.

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Built in 1928, the Huia water treatment plant, in Woodlands Park Road, is nearing the end of its useful life.

What's happening?

Since 2015, we have been through an extensive process to identify the most appropriate location for a replacement water treatment plant, including site selection, public consultation and expert assessments of our preferred site. 

As part of the process to identify a suitable site for a new water treatment plant, we have undertaken a comprehensive site identification process. The initial site selection process was based on an assessment of many different factors. The Tonkin and Taylor report and the GHD shortlist site development report provide further information on the site assessment process. On May 30 2017, the site on the corner of Manuka Road and Woodlands Park Road in Waima was selected by the Watercare Board as the preferred site for the replacement treatment plant.

Watercare management report to the Watercare Board (June 2017)
Approved recommendation of the Watercare Board (June 2017)

We have been continuing to look at the preferred site and undertake further technical, ecological and geotechnical assessments. We are working towards lodging consent applications for the site later in 2018. 

Community liaison group

In June 2017 we formed a community liaison group made up of representatives from various community and local environmental groups to work with us and provide feedback on the site assessments and development of the proposed plant. We will continue to consult with the community liaison group throughout the consent application process, development of the detailed design and construction.
You can read about the group and view the confirmed minutes here.

What's next?

We have been preparing material in preparation for lodging a resource consent application with Auckland Council in 2019 for the necessary activities to build the plant including the removal of vegetation and earthworks. Find out more about the resource consent application for the replacement water treatment plant.

What are the benefits?

The replacement Huia water treatment plant will help to maintain the security of Auckland’s water supply. The plant treats almost 20 percent of Auckland’s water supply. Replacing the old plant is essential to ensuring Aucklanders have access to high-quality, reliable water services as the city grows.

The importance of the Huia water treatment plant to the resilience of Auckland’s water supply was highlighted during the Tasman Tempest weather event in early March 2017. Extreme rainfall in the Hūnua Ranges resulted in slips and sedimentation in some of the supply dams. The reliance on the Huia water treatment plantwas essential in ensuring Auckland did not run low on water during this time.

Huia water treatment plant has an unconstrained peak production of 126ML/d.  The new treatment plant will allow for more efficient treatment of the water from the four supply dams, increasing maximum production to 140ML/d (please note, as the dams are dependent on rainfall, the amount extracted from the damns is still a factor that will limit the output of water). As part of the project we will be assessing ways to offset the effects of vegetation and construction but in addition, we will be looking at ways that we can provide benefit the community as we continue to develop the proposal for the new plant.

Have your say

Everyone will have an opportunity to make a submission when the applications for resource consent are lodged and notified in 2019. We will ask for the consent application to be notified due to the amount of public interest in the project. The Auckland Council is likely to post this notification in local newspapers and any directly affected parties will be served notices individually. Public submissions will be heard by independent commissioners. 
Find out more about the resource consent application process for the replacement water treatment plant.

On 1 and 5 March 2018 Watercare held drop-in sessions at Lopdell House, Titirangi where up to 140 people came to talk with our staff and experts about planning and progress being made on the replacement Huia Water Treatment Plant.
Find out more about open days and the material presented.

Any questions?

See the responses to commonly asked questions - July 2017 
See the responses to commonly asked questions from the community open days - March 2018
or please contact:​

More information

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