Huia water treatment plant replacement project

We are planning to build a water treatment plant and two storage reservoirs in Waima.

Start–finish: 2027–2034
Location: Woodlands Park Road, Waima (Titirangi)
Status: Planning

The latest

We have been granted resource consent to build a new water treatment plant on land at the corner of Woodlands Park Road and Manuka Road, Waima. The new plant will replace the adjacent aging Huia Water Treatment Plant which treats 20 per cent of Auckland’s water and at over 100 years old is near the end of its operational life.

The Huia Water Treatment Plant replacement project will replace the existing plant that was built in 1928. The reservoirs will increase the volume of water stored locally, improving the resilience of the wider water network and accommodating daily demand fluctuations.

The primary objective of the project is to replace the ageing plant. In doing so, we will ensure the continued resilience of Auckland’s metropolitan water supply network. This network is served by five treatment plants, numerous reservoirs and pump stations, and a highly connected network of pipes. It means that if one treatment plant has an operational issue, the other treatment plants can help meet Auckland’s water needs. The Huia Water Treatment Plant replacement project is a vital part of this network.

The new plant will offer more advanced treatment processes and will be easier to maintain than the current plant. It will be carefully laid out to ensure staff can access each treatment process safely and easily.

  • Click here for the decision following the hearing of an application for resource consent under the Resource Management Act 1991

  • Click here to view our media release relating to the project

Resource consents

The resource consent for the Huia Water Treatment Plant replacement project was granted just before Christmas 2023. This is required for us to build a new water treatment plant in Waima to replace the original 95-year-old plant. The conditions of our consent are focused on mitigating adverse effects on the community and the environment, and cover issues like traffic management, noise, hours of operation, and in particular, stringent conditions aimed to prevent any transfer of kauri dieback. Concept design for the water treatment plant is underway. At this stage, we hope to begin construction in 2027.

Parau disposal site consent

Resource consent has been granted for the Huia Water Treatment Plant replacement project at Waima. A further consent is required for the disposal of soil at the existing Parau sludge disposal site. Options for local disposal sites were investigated and the Parau site has been selected as the most suitable option for disposal of the material due to its close proximity, and because Phytophthora agathidicida (kauri dieback) infection already appeared to be present at the fill site.

We are therefore proposing to dispose of excavated material to its existing Parau sludge disposal site. Disposing of surplus excavated material to the Parau sludge disposal site also reduces the quantity of material that needs to be transported through Titirangi Village and surrounding communities.

  • Click here for the map of the route to the Parau disposal site

  • Click here for notes from the community hui on 11 April 2024

  • Click here for the presentation from the community hui on 11 April 2024

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  • Click here for the Parau sludge disposal flyer

Project background information

In August 2019, we submitted our resource consent application to Auckland Council. Council received 497 submissions - eight were neutral, 20 were in support of the project and 469 opposed the application. Click here for information on the hearing and resource consent documents. The hearing of the application (by independent commissioners) commenced in February 2020 and was adjourned to May 2021 to allow us to carry out sampling of the sites for kauri dieback. On the 30 June 2021, resource consents were granted with conditions. Click here for more information.

As part of the resource consent process, we commissioned the most comprehensive sampling for Kauri dieback that has been undertaken in Aotearoa. The sampling consisted of over 995 samples and Kauri dieback was found on the site. The report on the sampling results is available here. As a result of the survey, we have refined the methodology to carry out the site works to minimise any risk of movement of Kauri Dieback from the site. For more information click here to refer to our media release.

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