Huia water treatment plant replacement - Manuka Road, Waima

Planning is underway to build a new Huia Water Treatment Plant at Manuka Road, Waima.

The new plant will replace the adjacent aging water treatment plant that was built in 1928.

Start–finish: 2016–2023
Location: Woodlands Park Road, Waima (Titirangi)
Status: Planning
A photo of the current Huia Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Built in 1928, the Huia Water Treatment Plant, in Woodlands Park Road, is nearing the end of its useful life.

What's happening?

Find out more about our upcoming open days in Titirangi.

The Huia Water Treatment Plant, located at the corner of Woodlands Park Road and Manuka Road, is Auckland’s third largest water treatment plant. It treats water from the Upper and Lower Huia Dams and Upper and Lower Nihotupu Dams.

The plant is nearing the end of its operational life and needs to be replaced. A new water treatment plant will ensure we can supply our growing city with high quality water from the west for the next 100 years.

As part of the process to identify a suitable site for a new water treatment plant, we have undertaken a comprehensive site identification process.  Please refer to the Tonkin and Taylor report and the GHD shortlist site development report for further information on the site assessment process.

In June 2017, Manuka Road, Waima was selected by the Watercare Board as the preferred site for the replacement treatment plant. We are now gathering information in preparation for lodging the necessary resource consent applications with Auckland Council in early 2018.

Huia Water Treatment Plant - Sludge dewatering upgrades

We are undertaking upgrades to the sludge dewatering process at the Huia Water Treatment Plant. A Powdered Activated Carbon dosing (PAC) unit will also be installed to improve process reliability and operability.

These works are part of the normal plant operation and maintenance upgrades and are not part of the Huia Water Treatment Plant Replacement Project.

Supporting information:
Outline plan of works cover letter

A photo of the Huia Water Treatment Plant in 1957.
The Huia Water Treatment Plant in 1957.

What are the benefits?

The replacement Huia Water Treatment Plant will help maintain security of Auckland’s water supply.

The Huia Water Treatment Plant treats almost 20 percent of Auckland’s water supply.  Replacing the plant  is essential to ensuring the continued supply of water to Aucklander’s.

The importance of the Huia Water Treatment Plant to the resilience of Auckland’s water supply was highlighted during the extreme wet weather event in early March 2017. Extreme rainfall intensity in the Hunua Ranges resulted in slips and sedimentation in some of the supply dams. As a result of this silt, Ardmore Water Treatment Plants production had to be significantly scaled back. The reliance on  the Huia Water Treatment Plant during this time was essential in ensuring Auckland did not run low on water.

Huia Water Treatment Plant has an unconstrained peak production of 126ML/d.  The new treatment plant will allow for more efficient treatment of the water from the four supply dams, increasing maximum production to 140ML/d.

Auckland water supply network is integrated and water is moved around as required by demand. The replacement plant, associated treated water reservoirs and the North Harbour No. 2 Watermain will assist in maintaining security of water supply to the growing areas of North West Auckland.

Any questions?

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Have your say

As part of the consent application process, we are hosting two open days for the public to find out more from our experts. The local community will be able to provide constructive feedback on the proposed plants layout, design and potential mitigation measures for the area. 

Come and talk to our experts:
1 and 5 March 2018 
4pm – 7pm
Lopdell House, 418 Titirangi Road, Titirangi

Everyone will have an opportunity to make a submission when the applications for resource consent are lodged and notified in mid-2018. It is likely that the council will send a notice of the application to all land owners in the wider community. Submissions will be heard by independent commissioners.

A community liaison group has been formed to work with us as we develop the proposal for the new water treatment plant. The group is chaired by long-term local and environmentalist Paul Walbran and includes invited representatives from the community. The intention is to encourage constructive community dialogue with a view to optimising design, minimising adverse effects and delivering good community outcomes. Discussions cover plant and landscape design, construction activities, future use of historical buildings, amenity values ecological surveys and realignment and enhancement of the existing Clarks Bush walkway. The groups terms of reference, information and meeting minutes will all be made available in the information section below.​

The group is formed of representatives from:

West Auckland Historical Society
Titirangi Protection Group
Waitakere Community Liaison Group
Waitakere Ranges Protection Society
Titirangi Residents and Ratepayers Association 
Auckland Botanical Society
Waima Restoration Protection Society
Tree Council
Forest and Bird Waitakere branch ​

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