South-west Auckland wastewater upgrade

Upgrading our wastewater services to south-west Auckland.

Start–finish: October 2015–ongoing
Location: Kingseat, Waiuku, Glenbrook, Clarks Beach   
Status: Consent order granted

What’s happening?

We are looking at the best way to provide wastewater services to four growing communities – Kingseat, Waiuku, Glenbrook and Clarks Beach.

The project includes:

  • building a high-tech facility at the Waiuku Wastewater Treatment Plant to serve these western communities 
  • laying pipelines to take the highly treated wastewater to the proposed outfall in the Waiuku River channel, near the Clarks Beach golf course. 

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At present three wastewater treatment plants serve communities at Waiuku, Clarks Beach and Kingse​at. A small private treatment plant at the former Kingseat Hospital serves the residents and activities on the premises.  

Although these plants are effective now, the steadily growing population will soon bring them to capacity. 

Most of the communities in this area receive their water from the Waikato water treatment plant in Tuakau.

An aerial view of Clarks Beach. Photo: Clarks Beach Golf Course
An aerial view of Clarks Beach and the treatment plant. Photo: Clarks Beach Golf Course 

Consent application

The consent for the works was granted on 5 December 2017. The decision was appealed by two submitters. The parties have agreed to resolve the appeal by making certain changes to the conditions of consent and draft Receiving Environment Monitoring Plan. A consent order was granted by the Environment Court on the 27 June 2018.

What are the benefits?  

Gaining this consent will enable us to substantially improve wastewater services to the four communities. 

Our approach is to work in partnership with the community and mana whenua. In doing this we aim to: 

  • keep our communities healthy
  • protect our environment, particularly the water quality and ecology of Manukau Harbour
  • cater for planned growth and keep the costs of service to customers (collectively) at sustainable levels
  • recognise the significance of Manukau Harbour to mana whenua and, where possible, provide for their cultural and spiritual objectives
  • retain flexibility for sustainable, longer-term solutions.

Any questions?

Please contact:  
Andre Stuart
Wastewater planning manager 
Phone: (09) 539 7910
Email: [email protected]

More information


October 2015 – includes history, overview and timeline
December 2015 – summarises the options
April 2016 – ​brief update
June 2016 –​ updates objectives and options
July 2016 –​  outlines the preferred scheme

Consent documents

Consent order
Hearing documents
Auckland Council consent application decision
Discharge Consent: Assessment of Environmental Effects (Final) - June 2016 (8MB)
Discharge Consent: Supporting Document (Final) - June 2016 (40MB)​