South-west wastewater upgrade

Consolidating and upgrading our wastewater services to south-west Auckland.

Start–finish: 2015 - ongoing
Location: Waiuku, Glenbrook, Clarks Beach, Kingseat   
Status: Design/optioneering phase

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Project overview

The steadily growing population of south-west Auckland will soon bring the existing wastewater treatment plants to capacity. The growth projection for the south-west catchment is estimated to be 30,000. The existing wastewater treatment plants service the communities of Waiuku, Clarks Beach and Kingseat. This project will reduce the existing four discharge points down to one while still providing a high-level of wastewater treatment. The project will also assist in providing a sustainable cost of servicing for these communities.


What are we building?

A wastewater servicing arrangement for the communities of Kingseat, Clarks Beach, Glenbrook Beach and Waiuku is being proposed which primarily changes the location of the new Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) to 372 Glenbrook Beach Road, Glenbrook Beach. This will eliminate the need for an additional 7.5km of pipeline (approx). The revised arrangement will contribute to achieving our climate change goals, 40:20:20 infrastructure goals, and reduce exposure to changes in development build out.

Raw wastewater from the communities of Waiuku, Glenbrook Beach, Clarks Beach and Kingseat will be transported in a new pipeline to the new wastewater treatment plant. A return treated wastewater pipeline will connect the new wastewater treatment plant with the final discharge location approximately 100 metres off the coast of the 12th green at Clarks Beach Golf Course.

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The scheme will be delivered in phases

South-west Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) designation

The Notice of Requirement application to designate the site for wastewater treatment plant purposes has been lodged with Auckland Council. We asked the Council to publicly notify the application so the community has another chance to have their say.

South-west wastewater conveyance – Waiuku branch sewer

The conveyance pipeline is to serve the existing development at Kahawai Point with the existing Waiuku Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The pipeline is future-proofed to connect with the proposed WWTP should the necessary permits be obtained. Future works would be limited to a connection between the proposed WWTP and the conveyance pipeline. In the long term, the pipeline will be repurposed to convey flow from the Waiuku catchment through to the new south-west WWTP. This will comprise a nine-kilometre wastewater transmission pipeline mainly along Glenbrook Beach Road and private land. The works are expected to commence in early 2024.

South-west Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and conveyance

A new wastewater treatment plant will initially cater for a population of 20,000 from Waiuku, Clarks Beach and Kingseat. The plant will meet the requirements of the discharge consent conditions.

South-west wastewater conveyance project – Clarks Beach and Glenbrook Beach - will consist of the following:

  • Conveyance pipelines from the Clarks Beach and Glenbrook Beach catchments to the new wastewater treatment plant

  • Twin pipelines crossing under the Taihiki River

  • Pump station(s) in Clarks Beach and/or Glenbrook Beach

  • Treated wastewater conveyance from the new WWTP site at 372 Glenbrook Beach Road to the outfall

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