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Asset Management Plan 2021-2041

Asset Management Plan 2021-2041

We have unveiled our biggest investment programme to date, outlining how we will spend $18.5 billion over the next 20 years to maintain and develop a resilient water and wastewater network for our customers.

Read our press release and find out what we'll be investing in over the next 20 years.
Click here to read our Asset Management Plan (2021-2041).

Tapped In autumn edition

Tapped In: news, updates and information

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Save water in your home, garden or business

Learn more: Be Waterwise

Water efficiency plan

Auckland Water Efficiency Plan 2021 to 2025

Learn about where our water comes from, what we're doing to make the most of this precious resource and how you can do your bit.

Click here to visit our water efficiency microsite and access the plan.

Watercare Pandemic Plan 2020

Pandemic plan

The plan, which is released under the Creative Commons licence (CC BY), was forged from the learnings gained during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have designed it to be easy to roll out, easy to adapt to different contexts, and easy to use when responding to specific challenges from future outbreaks. We are confident that by making the plan available to other organisations it will help raise pandemic preparedness levels to a new standard.

Click here to access the plan.

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