How to prevent overflows

Together, we can improve the water quality of Auckland’s streams and beaches.

  • We are working hard to reduce overflows in the public network

  • Householders and businesses can also help to protect our networks and the environment. Follow our practical tips to prevent blockages in your plumbing and in public pipes.

Put rubbish in the bin, not down the drain

What you put down your sink or toilet can affect your pipes and our network.

Remember – only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. Everything else – including things such as wipes, sanitary products, dental floss and nappies, and fat, oil and grease from cooking – should be put in the bin.

Download these helpful posters:
Poster that says, Don't make your toilet sick. Only toilet paper, pee and poo should be flushed down the loo.Poster that says, Keep your toilet happy! Don't make your toilet sad!Poster that says: Small items can cause big problems for your toilet.

Disposing of medication

Please don't pour your unwanted medication down the sink or flush it down the toilet. Please return it to a pharmacy for free, where it will be disposed of properly and will not end up in our wastewater network or the environment. Find out more about disposing of medicines.

Blocked drain?

If you have a blocked drain or wastewater (sewage) overflow, call us on (09) 442 2222 before you call a plumber. Learn more: There is a blocked drain on my property

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Keeping your pipes flowing [click to enlarge]

Diagram of a home's private pipes and what can be done to avoid blockages