Smart meters

Track your water use with our app

We are making our network smarter

How, you ask? By rolling out smart technology in some parts of Auckland. A smart network will enable us to provide customers with detailed consumption reporting to manage water use and will help us to further optimise our water and wastewater services.

What is a smart meter

A smart meter is an electronic device that records your water consumption at half-hourly intervals and sends data to our secure database daily. It’s a modern version of a mechanical meter, allowing for more accurate readings of your water consumption. 

What are the benefits?

Smart meters provide several benefits for our customers including timely notification of a water leak. And, now you can download our app that allows you to track water use and manage your account on the go.

Check out the three main benefits below that are at the fingertips of smart meter customers, and click here for more reasons to download the app.

Image of a calendar showing that our smart meter app is here

Monthly billing based on your actual water use

You’ll receive monthly bills from us based on your property’s actual water use. Up until now it has been estimated every second month.

Icon showing that with a smart meter you will have better visibility of your household water use

Better visibility of water use

You can keep track of your household's water use and receive water-saving tips via a mobile app.

Icon showing that with a smart meter you will get timely notification of a water leak

Timely notification of a water leak

The data from daily smart meter readings allows us to notify you of possible water leaks on your property, so you can take action quickly to save water and avoid potentially high bills.

smart meters
photo of a smart meter installed in the ground

Smart meter installed and running

The smart device and the water meter are fully integrated in one unit. The meter takes readings every 30 minutes, and this data is sent to us once daily.
edmi smart meter

Smart meter features

It records battery level, signal strength, date and time, and sends alerts if there is a problem with the meter.

How to read your smart meter

Check which smart meter you have installed then follow the instructions below.

How to use your Landis and Gyr smart meter

How to read your smart meter

The meter will show 1 of 6 screens with the following information:

1.      Accumulated (Total) flow (m3) * this is the screen to use to obtain a meter read
2.      Instantaneous flow (m3/h)
3.      Water temperature (°C)
4.      Water pressure (MPa)
5.      Wireless interface
6.      Error Flag: Err 0000000

Step 1

Scroll through the screens by briefly placing your finger over the optical sensor for less than two seconds (bottom right corner of meter).

Step 2

Please ensure you are on the Accumulated (Total) flow (m3) screen. This view shows the total recorded water through the meter since it’s installation. It is identifiable by the units used (m3) and there are four digits after the decimal point.

Step 3

Note down all the numbers before and after the full stop. Take a picture as back-up for reference.  Also note date & time of reading.

How to read your edmi smart meter

edmi smart meter
Step 1

Opening the lid will awaken the screen if blank. If lid is open and the lcd display is in sleep mode, there are two ways to turn it on
  • Open and close the lid to activate the screen
  • Put your finger on the optical sensor (black round object below the battery icon on the right) to activate it

Step 2

The screen should activate to show the last active display.
edmi smart meter screen

Step 3

Press the optical button or open and close the lid until you get to have volumetric display. Volumetric display is shown above with kL as the unit. The last three small digits are after a decimal and represent litres.

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Smart meter billing questions

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