Smart meters

We are making our network smarter

How, you ask? By rolling out smart technology in some parts of Auckland. A smart network will enable us to provide customers with detailed consumption reporting to manage water use and will help us to further optimise our water and wastewater services.

What benefits are on the way?

In time, smart meters will provide several benefits for our customers. Check out the three main benefits below:

image of a calendar showing that smart meter billing benefits are coming soon

Monthly billing based on your
actual water use

This means you’ll receive monthly bills from us based on your property’s actual water use. Up until now it has been estimated every second month.

Icon showing that with a smart meter you will have better visibility of your household water use

Better visibility of water use

You’ll be able to keep track of your household's water use and receive water-saving tips
via a mobile app.

Icon showing that with a smart meter you will get timely notification of a water leak

Timely notification of a water leak

The data from daily smart meter readings will allow us to notify you of possible water leaks on your property, so you can take action quickly to save water and avoid potentially high bills.

photo of a smart meter installed in the ground

Smart meter installed and running

The smart device and the water meter are fully integrated in one unit. The meter takes readings every 30 minutes, and this data is sent to us once daily.
photo of a smart meter installed in the ground

Smart meter features

It records battery level, signal strength, date and time, and sends alerts if there is a problem with the meter or your water supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

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