Auckland's Dam Levels
Lower Huia Dam, August 2020
Total storage
How full are the dams? A large proportion of Auckland’s drinking water comes from 10 dams in Auckland’s Hūnua and Waitākere ranges. In February 2021, the 10th and smallest dam, Hays Creek Dam, was reconnected to the network boosting Auckland’s capacity initially by six million litres a day and by up to 12 million litres in the second half of 2021. The Auckland region is still feeling the effects of a severe drought which took hold in 2019 and saw our total water storage (all our dams combined) drop to the mid-40 per cent mark. While recent rain has helped replenish our dams, much more is needed.
See our dams
When you visit our dams, you’ll see first-hand how they vary in size and capacity. Each has an important role to play in providing Auckland with high quality drinking water on a daily basis. Take a virtual tour of two of our dams by pressing play on the latest videos.
How full the dams were at midnight