Groundwater and springs

Auckland’s groundwater supply comes from rain that percolates down through the soil or rock fractures, filling up the pores between grains of sand or the fissures in rock. These sources of water are known as underground aquifers.

In the Auckland region, some communities receive treated water that comes from groundwater or springs:  

  • Muriwai
  • Algies Bay
  • Snells Beach
  • Bombay
  • Waiuku
  • Onehunga
  • ​Warkworth

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Onehunga Springs

Water from Onehunga Springs is pumped and treated, and can supply 21 million litres a day. It mostly supplies the Onehunga community, but it is part of the metropolitan network. Water from our Onehunga Springs is not fluoridated.

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A historic photograph of the Onehunga Pump Station.